About us

Us jumping in the air with the Balcony of Europe in Nerja (Spain) in the background.

Who we are

Two Polish people that moved from small places to a big town several years ago. They met and found out that they share a passion.

We mix our way of living with curiosity of the world and adventure. Travelling has become our way to fight boredom and photos and pictures are a great and warming memento on long, winter nights.

Our big travelling dream was journey around the world. We managed to make this dream come true, that’s why we look towards our next amazing trips with even more excitement.


Patrycja holding a baby crocodile named Elvis.It all starts with a fact that some things you like and some things you don’t.
And I really don’t like to get bored! All what’s not interesting ends quickly in my life.

At the same time I like challenges, when life gets a bit unpredictable and fast-paced.

Those things combined with my passion about photography and spending free time with Dawid create a special space where I feel happy and breathe freely… Travelling!


Dawid with backpacks lying on a bench in Norway.When I was a child I already got obsessed with a need to see the world, as I was on my bike exploring paths previously unknown to me. I remember the moments spent with a globe or an atlas, thinking how the world looks like beyond the horizon.

Later on I moved from a small village in the land of Krajna to Poznan for studies. After almost a decade in a big city me and Patrycja felt that it’s finally the time to change something in our lives – we decided to make our dreams of travelling come true.

I’m rather well-organized person that likes planning and thinking ahead. But when it comes to travelling, I’m learning to leave some space for improvisation and some spontaneity, so that Patrycja can spread her wings.