We holding a small globe

Let’s start!

In a moment we’re starting our big adventure and you can become a part of it by following our blog. So in few brief words we will tell you about our plan for the next few months.

Our quick bio – Patrycja and Dawid, two restless souls, that like to organize our lives using our own rules and plans. We come from small places located in two beautiful nature parks of Pomorze Zachodnie and Kujawy, but our paths crossed in Poznan.

Since the beginning of our relationship we shared a lot of passions. The biggest one happens to be travelling.

Our trips are diversed – starting with one-day escapades to the sea, just to have a breakfast on a beach while watching the sunrise, through weekend travels to various regions of Poland or short-term vacation in different parts of Europe, ending with the current adventure in the sunny Spain that we live in for five months now.

But finally, we started feeling that all those trips are not enough for us – we wanted something more.
“What shall we do with that…?”
We both knew what we should do – leave everything and go on a long-term vacation. Great idea, but how long should “long-term” be? When we would start? And where should we go?

After some long conversations we decided – we’re going on a round the world trip. We’re flying towards one side of the globe and getting back from the other. All in one year. We’re starting as soon as we get everything ready for that trip.

The preparations

Our USA tourist visas on a table

Plane tickets bought, important visas obtained, main travel route planned, family and friends, although having their doubts, persuaded that we’re leaving no matter what. The list of things that we need to do and prepare before the start still grows, but systemically we’re crossing out things already covered and we hope that we will manage to do it all. We’re a bit short on time because flight dates are already set and the first one is on 15th August 2015 r.

What this blog is all about

This blog will be a log of our trip for our closest people, a place to see what we’ve seen, a memory to recall our feelings and experiences when when we stop remembering all the details.

We will try to enrich our posts with photos and videos, and (we hope) some practical information regarding places we visited. If one visits our blog and finds some inspiration, we will be very happy.

Apart from the information about our trip around the world you will also find some posts from the trips we did so far (only the ones we think we’re interesting enough). In “We visited” section you will find a map with pins representing places we’ve been to and the list of countries we visited. Posts about the trips will be reachable from the map and “We visited” menu on top of the page.

We hope that you will have good time following our trip through this blog 😉 Who knows – perhaps we will bump into each other somewhere in the world.