Practically about travelling – tips from our experience

Practically about travelling - a desk, laptop, calendar, book guide and album with photos, during the work of organizing the trip.

Often some people strongly encourage us to travel. We watch beautiful pictures, listen to great stories and we get anxious to go to one of these fantastic places. However, after the decision to “pack up and go” – quite practically would be to get around organizing such journey in the first place.

We’re going… and then what?

Often the thought about travelling is slowly growing in our minds for a long time. And usually from the point of “I want to go there” to “I’m ready to go” passes more time than you might think. That’s because in addition to the general idea of the trip – destination, date, and general (or very specific) length – it’s a good idea to plan some things ahead. And we are not just talking about who will be watering your plants and feeding the fish while you’re away. Although it’s also important if you still want to have something to go back to :).

Of course, if you choose a tour organized by a travel agency, e.g. Pearl of Croatia – 10 days by bus or Sunny Riviera – 2 weeks all-inclusive, it will be probably easier to prepare for it. However, if you plan the entire trip on your own it’s often not enough just to ready your passport and exchange some money. Usually such a trip is preceded by hours spent with a guide in hand and in front of the computer. You can also travel more in the style of “go with the flow” and also spend a great holiday!

Whichever option would you choose, we would like to share with you some of our thoughts.

Practically about traveling

With our loose observation, we’ve found out that sometimes it’s quite hard to find some practical information about traveling. And this applies to both general issues, as well as more detailed questions:

  • How much does travel insurance cost?
  • How many cards currency/cash will I need?
  • Should I get vaccinated and what for?
  • When to buy the plane tickets?
  • What should contain and how heavy can be a backpack for trip around the world?
  • How much will I pay e.g. for a month of traveling by car through New Zealand, if I sleep on campsites?

These are just some questions that we were looking the answers for before we started the trip around the world. Therefore, we decided to add to our blog an additional tab called TIPS. We will try to put there some practical advice on travelling and financial summaries that have already prepared for some countries (you can view them by clicking here).

We hope that you will find here answers to questions, and perhaps even make use of some advice. And if you would like to cover a topic in depth or some other questions come to your mind, please write to us. Contact Form can be found in the INFO tab at the top of the page or by clicking here.