Natural beauty of Norway

A view at fjord and city of Flåm

Since always we associated the word “Norway” with “fjords”. Beautiful, majestic, characteristically cutting deep into the land. We wanted to see them from close-up, so it was pretty obvious that during our stay in Norway, they were a “must-see”. While being in Bergen or Grimmen (where we stayed on a campsite), we were amazed by the landscapes. But […]

Bergen – sun-drenched “city of rain”

A panoramic view at Bergen from top of Mt. Fløyen

We guess that almost everyone who likes to travel, occasionally comes across some interesting promotional offers on trips. Cheap flight to Brasil or week on Tenerife with a hotel included in price – everyone can find something suitable themselves. At the beginning of summer 2013, we were looking for a trip ourselves. When we came across flights on route Poznan-Bergen-Gdansk, with a […]