Around the World

Collage of pictures from 12 countries we visited during our trip around the world.

We always have a lot ideas for travels – both small and the big ones. But for a long time our biggest dream was a trip far, far away… Trip Around the World…

Finally, after a lot of hours thinking talking about it, we made the decision – we’re going!
From planning to realization leads a very long road, but there’s always a moment when you leave home with the backpack on…

We’re started the trip of our dreams in August 2015. During one year we visited previously unknown to us regions of world, which existed only in our the stories we’ve heard so far. Today, it’s we who can tell these stories and we’re not going to hide it – we love to do it! And we’d like to describe it, just like our previous trips, on this blog.

Before the trip we prepared a map on which we marked the general route of our journey.

Additionally, we’ve had a list of 3 things that we want to do at each of the stages. Our plans were quite ambitious and we’ve managed to fullfill most of them. As we progress with writing about our adventures from the trip around the world, we’ll be marking if we managed to do what we planned or not 🙂

in Canada

in USA

in Peru

on Fiji

in New Zealand

  • to fit in a hobbit-hole
  • to see the plate boundary zone
  • to hike the fjords on the other side of the globe

in Australia

  • to hug a koala bear
  • to learn how to surf
  • to get to Uluru

in South-East Asia

  • to contemplate while walking numerous temples
  • to rent a room with a view at Ha Long Bay
  • to ride on an elephant


We invite you to follow our adventures from the trip around the world!
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