Semana Santa – Spanish Holy Week

Platform with the figure of Jesus, carried during the Spanish Semana Santa festival.

There are so many interesting traditions and customs around the world. About some of them we only heard, but some we had the opportunity to see for ourselves. And we would like to share these with you on our blog. We will start with Semana Santa, Holy Week, which is celebrated in Spanish Malaga in […]

London in one day

A view at Big Ben and Houses of Parliament from Westminster Bridge.

We really wanted to have everything ready before our trip, but sadly we were unable to describe our six-month-long adventure in Spain. We also didn’t have enough time to prepare a post about our preparations for the trip – visas, vaccinations, insurance, equipment, backpacks… We plan to fill those gaps a bit later. Now, however, […]

Winter holidays in Carinthia

View at the mountains in ski resort Petzen, Austria

We both love spending time in mountains. When it’s warmer – hiking and climbing mountain pathways, and in winter – mostly skiing. Sadly, going skiing in Polish mountains is very similar to summer vacation at Baltic sea – there’s no warranty that the weather will be good. So if it’s possible, we try to go skiing where snow is […]